Malaysia's Leader in Frozen Food Processing Service with Blast Freezing, Packaging, Cutting & Cold-Storage

We provide the Best Frozen Food Processing Service in Malaysia


Blast Freezing for Frozen Food & Frozen Seafood

High-Tech Blast Freezing that Keep Great Freshness within Frozen Seafood & Poultry



We are the best leader that succeed in providing professional and best value blast freezing for frozen food and frozen seafood that kept the freshness via cold storage. We are capable of maintain and emphasise the quality and quantity of frozen seafood and frozen food supply and consistency manpower to fulfilled your surge in blast freezing service.

With a high-performance blasting service and extra-large freezing cold storage warehouse within the same facilities, it gives us an ultimate edge that allowed us to maintain the freshness and quality of frozen products to each and every of our valued customers. Once the food is blast-freeze, it will be immediately packed and store inside the large cold storage. Alternatively, it can be shipped directly using our fleets to customer's warehouse.

We are capable of processing 10-tonnes of frozen food blast freezing at any point in time and store inside our 1,000 metric tonnes cold storage warehouse. 



High-Speed Poultry & Fish Cutting Service

High-Tech Precision Food Cutting & Fish Cutting that Fit Your Requirements


We provide fish and poultry cutting service with leading high-tech food cutting machine and a capable team. We are able to provide the service at speed and higher accuracy on food cutting processing, with each was cut according to customer requirements. 

Such food cutting service is provided to wide range of clients such as restaurant, fast food chain, catering, hospitals, schools. Such service help save the food preparation time and facilitate faster processing of cooked food in the kitchen, and help reduce the costs.

High-speed Packaging & Low Cost Delivery

High-Speed Low-Cost Packaging with help of machines and manpower.

We provide efficient packaging and low cost logistic in handling of your food blast freezing for your frozen food products. With the ability to processed large quantity frozen food processing within short period of time and flexibility to adjust based on your requirements, we are the first choice in Malaysia that provide professional frozen food processing with high-speed packaging and low cost delivery.