Our Services to Malaysia's Customers


Specialized in Supplying Frozen Food, Cold Storage Warehouse Rental, Freezer Rental,  Freezer Truck Rental, Warehouse & Forklift & etc to Malaysia Customers


Pembekal Makanan Beku dan Makanan Laut Beku Yang Terbaik di Malaysia Kepada Semua Industri-Industri

The Widest Range of Frozen Fish Supply to Fit Wide Range Requirements

Providing the Widest Supply of Frozen Food in Malaysia to Different Customers

Berjenis-jenis Pembekal Ikan Beku di Malaysia Kepada Semua Pelanggan

Serving Million of Business Customers

Over 40-years of Servicing Million of Consumers, Businesses, Retail, Wholesales, Markets, Hotels & etc

Melayan Berjuta-juta Pelanggan di Setiap Negiri dalam Malaysia dari perniagaan, pemborong-pemborong, pasar, sekolah dan lain-lain.

Cold Storage & Freezer Rental Service for Any Frozen Food Supplier

We provide Cold Storage & Freezer Rental Service in Malaysia

Perkhidmatan Cold Storage & Freezer Sewa di Malaysia Kepada Peusahaan Nelayan, Ikan Beku, Udang Beku, Sotong Beku


We Value Our Customers

Hai Seng Yek Frozen Food Sdn Bhd is the Malaysia Number 1 Frozen Food and Frozen Seafood supplier company in Malaysia. Our frozen food cold room and warehouse is located in prime area of Sitiawan, Manjung, Kampung Acheh, Perak - Malaysia. 


Hai Seng Yek is the number 1 preferred partners in supplying frozen food to following customers for Malaysia local markets:

  • Super Markets, Wet Markets and Mini Markets
  • Factory's Canteen & Office's Canteen
  • Schools & Hospitals
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Cafe, Restaurants and Food Stalls
  • Retails & Wholesales


Our ultimate objective is to provide every customers with the fresh and excellent quality frozen food and frozen seafood. Our team is highly trained in handling each packaging and frozen process perfectly to make sure the frozen food is keep in good condition before delivery to customer.

Hai Seng Yek carries high quality frozen seafood for you everyday needs. We supply a wide range of frozen seafood such as fish, prawn, cuttlefish, crab, clam, black mussel, oyster, scallop, baby octopus, squid, etc from both sea and freshwater.

If you have any questions or need more details, our customer service team are ready to serve you.



Frozen, refrigerated, dry – we do it all.

Our warehouses located at North Malaysia are well-positioned to serve the entire state of Perak quickly and efficiently. No matter your industry, if you’re looking for dry, temperature-controlled, or cold warehousing services we offer Freezer Warehouse or Cold Storage Rental Services.


Freezer Warehouse | Cold Storage

Temperature and lot integrity bundled up for cold warehousing.


The key components to these programs are ensuring temperature and lot integrity of your products within a cold storage warehouse. Of course, process is important for accessibility and timeliness, but temperature and integration of your commercial cold storage logistics are king.

With approved USDA cold storage, Commercial Warehousing offers diverse refrigerated warehouse options and transportation for your temperature-sensitive products. Get the best in customer service, cold packaging, pricing and cold storage facilities by pairing with Commercial Warehousing as your cold chain 3PL provider.


Why Choose Us?

We provide state-of-the-art cold storage and freezer warehousing facilities and services. Commercial Warehousing, Inc. has extensive knowledge in the cold chain, from building our own facilities to operating others. We have developed processes, purchased appropriate equipment, acquired a skilled maintenance division, trained a knowledgeable workforce and adopted state of the art systems in order to accommodate cold chain logistics. CWI has a proven track record of being able to successfully marry the manufacturing process with transportation to the retailer. Our process is focused of delivering you visibility through integrated systems or through our own, temperature monitoring and delivering your product to the right place on time while maintaining the product’s integrity.

Refrigerated Warehouse | Temperature Controlled

Experience, knowledge and resources. We think of it as an art form.


Dry Warehouse | Ambient

Well-kept, clean, cost efficient and conveniently located.


Food Grade Warehouse

We understand the issues facing storage, shipping, and handling of inventory in a food grade warehouse. It can be a pain, we are here to help.


Distribution Center

Effective distribution requires real-time, ongoing strategy. Not only do we focus on exceeding your distribution center needs – we also use industry insights and technology to predict them.


Dedicated Warehouse

When you need warehousing space and a dedicated team, get it with Commercial Warehousing.


Shared Warehouse

Do not want to pay for more space than you need, but your business plan is to grow? At CWI, we can accommodate your growth strategy.